Autobiography: Hello there, I'm Tyde. Just your "typical" British-American cult leader. I'm pansexual. Just a not-so-normal 15 year old teenager. I'm Anti-social and have Social anxiety disorder. I'm kind of an asshole. Still trying to beat depression. Human/Gay rights activist. Thanks for checking out my blog human
Obsessions: Science fiction & Fantasy, Movies, TV shows, blogging, apple products, Leather, Fashion, Music, Wifi, Tattoos, Gay fandoms, Gingers, Poems, Romance, Comic books and Photography.
hates: Homophobes, Racist, Racism, Coffee, Starbucks, Stereotypes, Insects, Change, Abortions, Children, Liars, Politics, Bullying & Cyber Bullying, Homosapiens, Depression, My Lactose Intolerence, School, Alcohol, Stoners, Smokers, Cooking, "Dating", People who patronize, Myself, Judgement, Pride
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I love this song so fucking much
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My awesome new iPod touch case to prevent it from getting smashed again. You can get it here.

Griffon Survivor cases suck, Ottorbox is the way to go.

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So I tried this for the first time today and I think I’m in love

Did something basic so I decided to take a picture of it.
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